Fundraising Concert

CDLL and 8ē Art entertainment, together in a tribute concert reviving greatest hits from artists who touched our soul!

July 19, 2023
Casino Du Liban
Doors open at 8PM

Tickets: $120 – $100 – $80 – $75 – $40 – $30

Help CDLL raise awareness and treat those who are struggling with addiction and mental distress.

To book, call us on 71881377

Avant-Première to the Profit of CDLL (April 4 at 7PM)

This April 4, enjoy watching the Avant-Première of “His Only Son” during the Holy Week starring @Nicolas Mouawad in the role of Abraham.

Behind this Hollywood film stands Angel studios the producers of the series “the chosen”.

A production not to be missed!

Watch the trailer 👉🏻

For reservations, call us on 71881377

Regular 15$
Premium 20$ (with a draw)
Cultural 30$ (with a draw and access to a cultural event with Nicolas)
VIP 50$ (with a draw, access to the cultural event and VIP seats)

All profits will support the mission of Cénacle De La Lumière- CDLL to improve livelihoods, strengthen youths and families while  providing mental health, addiction care and awareness.