CDLL is happy to put its knowledge and experience at the service of third parties. We work on both a paid and voluntary basis. So please contact us should you require our services, whether you are a government official or organization; another non-profit or educational organization; or a company or corporation.

القضاة والكيانات الحكومية

If you need:

  • An assessment or evaluation of an addicted person and advice on treatment options for the person in question
  • Any follow-up work or monitoring of individuals during or after judicial proceedings, including official reports to be presented in court
  • Other
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Local communities: (religious, municipalities, youth organizations... )

If you need:

  • Support for local families facing drug addiction or related problems
  • To set up a listening center (centre d’écoute) at your home base or offices
  • Advice or help with preventative services for youth or adults
  • Training for people working in the field and/or working with youth and parents.
  • Community service assistance based at CDLL
  • Assistance in developing a customized awareness campaign
  • Other
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Academic Institutions

If you need:
  • Assistance in student or social affairs offices
  • Help placing students in internships or doing community service work at CDLL
  • Consulting advice in developing an integrated drug prevention program
  • Instituting effective prevention activities
  • Planning and organizing conferences
  • Setting up a listening or counseling center at your home location
  • Training teachers and peer counselors
  • Assistance in developing an on-campus internal awareness campaign
  • Other
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Corporate Institutions


  • Assisting HR departments regarding individual drug cases and general policy considerations.
  • Awareness sessions regarding drugs in the workplace
  • Treatment, follow-up and monitoring/reports for staff with addiction problems
  • Other
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