At CDLL, our commitment is to guide individuals towards sustained recovery, healthy, and productive lives. Our team is here for you on this transformative journey. Your resilience is the key to unlocking endless possibilities, and your recovery story starts here!
Welcome to CDLL's Addiction and Mental Health Recovery Program!

Dedicated to the well-being of individuals and their families struggling with addiction and mental health challenges, our program is tailored to guide them on a transformative journey toward recovery. Committed to integrated care, we offer comprehensive services spanning healthcare, psychological support, social empowerment, professional and orientation guidance, spiritual coaching, and legal assistance. These personalized interventions aim to remove the obstacles hindering our beneficiaries’ path to a brighter future. We firmly believe in the reintegration of those facing addiction into both the workforce and society, and in empowering individuals dealing with mental health distress to overcome challenges, achieve balance, and sustain their education and daily occupations. CDLL is a firm advocate for inclusivity, respecting the rights of every young individual on their journey to recovery. Join us in building a community of understanding, support, and empowerment.

Our Beneficiaries

We take pride in welcoming all of our beneficiaries into our expanding family. They actively volunteer in ongoing activities, and play a crucial role in our communication efforts, offering testimonials and advocating for life, encouraging others to embark on their own recovery path.