Who We Are

Cénacle de La Lumière – “CDLL” was founded in 2006 as a volunteer initiative when a group of concerned friends came together in order to help individuals who were losing their lives to drugs. From only 15 volunteers offering shelter and assistance to addicts, CDLL grew to become an established non-profit organization that works in the field of community development and youth prevention as well as treatment for people living with mental health conditions and addictions.


We commit to impacting the livelihoods of our communities by improving the climate for the positive development of individuals to lead lives as thriving and productive citizens. Through our community development program, we empower them with the necessary personal and professional skill sets and connect them to the workplace relying on strong partnership with the public and private sector. We also work in youth prevention and provide treatment for people living with mental health conditions and addictions. The recent needs of the Lebanese people (under crisis situation) and building on CDLL’s team past years’ experience, CDLL elaborated the Youth CAP model (YCM) that focuses on providing access to social, health, educational and development services to youth within their immediate family, education and community circles. In our “Youth Cap” community centers in Beirut and Halat, we offer integrated social services for children, adolescents, young adults, and caregivers. Based on our comprehensive approach to create a strong nurturing environment for the youth by raising awareness among the parents, teachers and school staff that surrounds them, CDLL launched in 2020 the “Mentally Healthy School” Program to create a mentally healthy school environment.


We work for life, through building strong youth, solid families and healthier society.


15 Volunteers Offering Shelter And Primary Assistance To Addicts


Headquarters in Halat

2 Youth Cap Community Centers offering Mental Health Care in Dora and Halat-Jbeil

Out-patient office

17 full-time multidisciplinary experts

7 part-time moderators and night shift supervisors