CDLL reactivates “Baladrugs” National Awareness Campaign

Baladrugs Judge less Learn more

Addiction is touching our youth and ravaging our kids! We need to stop this madness!


Experts warn of a continuing escalation of drug use with an estimation of 23,000 drug addicts while only 2,000 can get treatment. Addiction is not only touching our youth but it is ravaging our kids! In Lebanon, it touches mainly young people aged 18 to 34 and unfortunately drug use is beginning as early as 9 years old. We need to STOP this MADNESS!

CDLL reactivates “BALA DRUGS – Judge Less, Learn More” to remind Lebanese and Arab communities that society will fail without the understanding of the drug problem and the importance to support every person using drugs.

The campaign invites every individual to commit to a drug free society and try to educate people that addictions can be treated, at least reduced if not eliminated when people JUDGE LESS and HELP MORE!

The campaign will also remind of, the one-of-a-kind online substance abuse education service in Lebanon and the Arab region serving as a credible source of info and reliable advice.