Drug and alcohol-related problems are on the rise in Lebanon. It is alarming to see children as young as 9 years old using drugs or to learn that the average age of onset use is 13 among the addicted population.

At CDLL, we are tackling this problem with an integrated prevention strategy to make sure that we employ the best possible methods to protect our children from the danger of drugs and alcohol. Through awareness, early intervention, education, and empowerment, we focus not only on the youth, but on their surrounding environment: including parents, school staff, peers and active agents in local communities. Our vision stems from the deep-seated belief that strong youth and solid families are the roots for a healthy society.


Our goal is to help people to avoid taking drugs in the first place. In the case of occasional users, we try to intervene before they become addicted. We try to teach children and teenagers to realize their full drug-free potential and to become positive, contributing members of their communities and society, all the while living healthy, safe, and drug free.


Drug awareness program

CDLL conducts awareness education sessions on substance abuse issues in order to prevent and deal with the use of drugs in schools, universities, informal settlements, organizations, institutions, and communities.

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Life skills program

CDLL trains children, youth, parents, professionals, caregivers and leaders on life skills sensitization providing them with the necessary skills to successfully handle challenging situations and avoid risky behavior.

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Agents of prevention program

CDLL raises awareness through training sessions and workshops and thus empower a group of prevention agents who then are able to raise awareness among their peers about drug and alcohol addiction and other risky behavior.

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Parent education and empowerment

Through individual sessions, conferences and on- demand customized parenting workshops, CDLL teaches parents how and when to talk to their children about drugs, as well as early warning signs for drug use and addiction. We also help guide them so that they may deal with their children in a nurturing and supportive way and teach them how to reach out for help.

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“Building Community” program

In this innovative new program, CDLL focuses on one specific region and works on the different target groups (youth/families/ organizations/ institutions/communities), in collaboration with the different local agents available: religious groups, municipalities, informal settlements, hospitals, boy and girl scout groups, schools and universities. This in-depth, integrated effort promises to have a great impact on our communities and their youth.

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Volunteering and Community Service

Many of our events, campaigns and activities invite teenagers to volunteer and take part in social endeavors which teach them new skills, help them to form healthy new friendships, and give them the opportunity to use their time productively while staying far away from drugs.

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Based on the lack of accessible centralized credible information related to drug education in Arabic, CDLL launched the first regional awareness online platform that will provides up-to-date effective and interactive knowledge about drug related issues for youngsters, families and professionals in Lebanon and the Arab region. In an oriental country where taboos are hardly challenged, access to credible information on drug education is scarce and scattered hence rarely effective in helping addicts or their families, friends and professionals to find the advices or orientation they need to overcome difficult times. will offer necessary information in simple and friendly language. It will target addicts, families, and friends of addicts, youngsters, professionals, NGOs and local communities.


Campaigning and advertising are great ways of raising awareness about the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse. They help to open a dialogue and fight taboos, and invite people to ask questions and seek out help when needed. CDLL engages in various campaigns throughout the year on social media, radio, TV and in print media.