At CDLL, we do our best to help people in our care achieve a sustained recovery and lead fulfilling, healthy, and productive lives. With proper support and a willingness to change, we believe that addiction can be overcome and lives can change for the better.
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  • Abstinence from substance abuse, free from dependency
  • Changing negative behaviors
  • Leading a right, organized and productive way of living


In the TC or Therapeutic community based approach to treatment, drug abuse is viewed as disorder of the whole person. While the stated objective of TCs is to treat individual disorders, their larger purpose is to transform lifestyles and personal identities. Thus TC’s use the community as a method to help individuals change themselves. Its structure (social organization), as well as its people (staff and residents), and its daily regimen of activities (groups, meetings, work, play) are designed to facilitate healing, learning and change in the individual. (Georges DeLeon)
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We are proud to include all of our graduates as part of our growing family. They volunteer in ongoing CDLL activities and often act as the faces of recovery for new beneficiaries entering treatment.