Steps Into Recovery

We at CDLL want you to know that recovering from drug addiction is possible: we see it every day at CDLL!  People not only recover but they build new, fulfilling and happy lives. At CDLL you will be surrounded by a professional, caring team and by friends who share the same struggles and dreams as you do. Together, they will help you to make a full recovery and go back to living a healthy, productive life!

Step 1:

Getting in touch

Call us and have a completely confidential chat You can call us yourself, or one of your family members or friends can call on your behalf. During this phone call one of our admission team members will gather some basic information in order to better know you and help you. Any information you provide the team will remain fully confidential and will only be shared with staff members who will be helping you.

Step 2:

First Meeting

In a short time, a member of our team will call you and set up a meeting with you and a member of your family at our headquarters in Halat, Jbeil.  During the meeting your reference team member will introduce him/herself and will ask you some questions in order to get to know you better and understand your expectations. You will be then informed about the program details, goals, and services.

Step 3:

Getting to Know You

At this stage we need to know more about you: your medical history, and well as your legal and family situation. You will be given a basic check up, provide us with your official documents and we will also meet with your family, whenever possible. this will allow us to better understand and assess your situation.  

Step 4:

Choosing the Best Treatment Option

Working with your own professional and experienced CDLL team members, you will choose the best option for treatment for you. We offer both a residential and an outpatient program. In the rare cases where you may not be fully satisfied with the options available to you at CDLL or with your initial treatment,  we will do our best to advise you and place you at a more appropriate institutions: either way, we’ll make sure that you are safe and in good hands.

Step 1:

You Will Join the Program

In-patient program of approximately 11 months at our mountainside rehabilitation center.
After your stay at a CDLL center you will resume your life  in society and get support for a 12-month reintegration period
Outpatient rehabilitation of approximately 12 months located at our Halat headquarters.
An aftercare period of 12 month will help you  maintain sobriety and avoid relapse   
The ultimate objective is for you to:

  • Cut dependency cycles
  • Change negative risky behaviors
  • Abstain from drug and alcohol use
  • Resume a productive and independent life
  • Maintain abstinence and prevent relapse
  • Be happy, fulfilled, and build a positive path and future