Be the Game Changer, our Society is in Danger… Say NO to legalization of cannabis cultivation in Lebanon

mr neemat frem and CDLL - Copy

In order to face legalization of cannabis cultivation for medical purposes when bills have been scrambling to legalizing it, and in order to shed the light on its dangers and cautions and have a comprehensive file about it, Oum el Nour – CDLL Cénacle De La Lumière – JCD Jeunesse Contre la Drogue – Nusroto Al-Anashid associations dealing with rehabilitation of addicts with accumulated decades of knowledge and hands-on experience in preventing and dealing with addictions and substance abuse problems  are directly concerned in the legalization of cannabis cultivation for medical purposes for its negative influences on the addiction issue.

Therefore the above mentioned organizations have based their position on multiple scientific studies to provide sound arguments to influential Lebanese, decision makers, legislators and the public opinion.

Below are the main area of discussion and arguments:

  • Ambiguity in studies in Lebanon
  • Medical studies are inconclusive
  • Risks and cautions
  • Ambiguity on the economic benefits
  • Ambiguity on the monitoring and control
  • Protecting Lebanon by not legislating it, even for medical purposes, and aiming at the regional development


This is what drove them to shed the light on the socio-economic and environmental consequences of cannabis cultivation legalization that could yield to billions of dollars expenses in health and family/individual destruction. Therefore, the best way to improve the situation of farmers and the Lebanese economy is seeking other areas of subsidized successful alternative cultivation and modern farming technology with higher income and less risks on the community, health and citizens.